Preparing for an outward inward journey

This is the morning before the morning I launch on a new journey. I find  myself smiling over coffee with excitement in anticipation. I’m grateful for that feeling versus nervous anxiety.

 It will be a great practice to take it one segment at a time, one stroke of the paddle at a time. Not getting caught up in the destination, taking  it  breath by breath.

Everything fit in the two dry bags. Good news :-)  All that  I need will be in the canoe. Canoeing is my favorite means of transportation. It makes sense to me, traveling through the landscape by water,  suspended by rain collected in our ponds and streams holding me. 

Native tribes used our waterways as superhighways, for trading, for going from the mountains to the ocean seasonally, for gatherings. I feel a deep connection as I follow their path, inspired.  I bow to all indigenous people.

Today I go to town and gather up enough food, non-perishables for a few days to get me from the headwaters to the next town where I will re-supply. Final details offer a long list for life’s apparent responsibilities to be completed so I can walk away for a while. It’s good to step in to something different, away from creature comforts and the daily routine, to see what’s to be learned. 

There’s been a groundswell of support for this journey. The last couple of days I’ve noticed a surge of strength deep in my bones. I feel a little taller, quicker. It’s funny to watch, it’s unusual. I believe that’s come from you all that have shown care for our natural environment thru and towards this one who’s going to bring some attention to it. Thank you for your support.

In case you missed the coverage of this journey, check out the generosity of Newscenter Maine: 
See news story

More soon.


  1. So good to see you writing of your experience. Best wishes, and will be following you!


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