Day 8 June 9

Sleeping next to a dam was a first. Quite a sound and vibe. So much powerful movement- it even creates a draft.

The Riley Dam is an example of a not friends with migratory fish dam. If I were an ocean fish with a ‘can’t stop myself’ need to spawn upstream I would be pretty bummed out here. It’s pretty much over for my lineage. 

I’m not a hydropower expert. I’m not against it and I’m sure it has its place. It’s all about finding a balance. It’s quite a thing to change a waterway by limiting the flow of a river. A good idea to really do your homework on the impact and consider all involved, especially those that don’t have a voice. Well I’m sure they all communicate, they being all critters. 

I can feel the difference when a dam is approaching- the river loses it features. Inflammation. swollen.

Today was like my very own private portage clinic. Got humbled and pulled it off. First one was over Pine Island which lies between 2 dams in Jay. Super thankful for the path wide enough for the carrier.

Got a baby painted turtle for a reward high five. 

 It was a short paddle down stream for the longest weirdest portage ever in 8 days.
Livermore, you're killing me. Straight up no sign random opening river left VERY near the warning barrels. I drag the canoe out of the river and find a junk yard. It was really windy and swirls of dust and sand were typhooning me and I was the only one there. It was creepy. This is the official take out.


I found a much welcomed kiosk sign from the Andro River Watershed Council but didn’t like what I read. 1.4 miles carry thru town to below the falls. Oh shit. 

If I put all the gear in the back of the canoe it is so much easier. I am appreciating the ADA and sidewalks with little ramps. 
The portage went on a bit. I had to ask a lot of people where the launch was because the river is just not in their awareness esp in a mill town.  Why would they know where the boat ramp is if no one uses it? Someone asked someone who asked someone and bam I found it. Maybe 90 minutes later. These types of things are best not to clock.

The wind really picked up and I pretty much got to sail down stream.  That was scared fun- I mean fast and efficient.

I wanted to end early tonight cause I was pooped.  I kept pulling over to find a comfortable spot. I felt like Goldylocks, or whichever, that was like nope not quite it. Either too muddy, too buggy, too steep.
Then I said forget it I’m gonna make a list here’s what I want. I want Sandy gentle entry morning sun bug free easy in and out. I kept going maybe another mile or so, turned the bend and there was this little island in the river. The north is covered with white sand. There’s not even any poison ivy -bonus! Geese from Canada just slid in and some Baltimore Orioles sang right next to the tent. A very comfy home for the night.

Today I was reminded of the power of mindfulness. Taking things one step at a time. Being deliberate and on purpose. It saved me every time. 

If you would like to support the mission of in making dams fish friendly please support my cause.


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